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I am a Dark Cabaret performing artiste, as well as a writer. I am primarily a lyricist, doing originals- I co-write with many different people, because I love all genres of music. I also specialize in parodies, and do a few covers of rock songs in the style of the famous French cabaret chanteuse, Edith Piaf, re-interpreting such rock classics as "People Are Strange", "White Rabbit" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

I've been described thus: "If Jim Morrison & Elivra had a love child with a French accent..."

I have an original twisted Gothic Comedy song entitled Vampire Surprise that is currently getting airplay on stations ranging in genre to comedy, to gothic, to industrial, to folk, to filk, to yes, even polka, and was voted the Best New Halloween Song of 2007 @ The Mad Music Archive.

You may learn more about it here:

Listen to an mp3 here:

It is also in the running for the Mad Music Dementia Top 20 Songs of the Year 2007. If you like it, please vote for it. More info and voting instructions here:

With gratitude,

Veronique Chevalier
AKA, The Weird VAL of Cabaret

~Mademoiselle Veronique Chevalier (formerly Cyphyre)~

Purveyor of Gothique Humour

Founder & CEO- Cyphyre Music LLC, Producer of Polka Haunt Us


Red Velvet Promo Video:

Read reviews of VRVVVS in the LA Times Calendar LIVE:

Recipient of the Unanimous Choice Award
for Best Independent Cabaret Artist
at the 14th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards

About the Cabaret4Choice recording, Grammy Award-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (THE Joe of Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage") says:
"I am very impressed with the Cabaret4Choice CD. Each song conveys a different mood, musical quality, or character. Ms. Chevalier is obviously very passionate about her cause. Bravo! The world should only be filled with committed people, who attempt to push the human spirit to the highest level."


If you would like to affiliate, please post here in the comments.  :)  I <3 affiliates, by the way.


Welcome to Spooky Music

Welcome to Spooky Music, a community dedicated to 'spooky' and 'dark' music.

Why this community? Because as I searched around for a community catering to the tastes of 'dark' music, I found industrial communities, dead gothic music communities, and communities that have nothing but German or Russian goth. Nothing at all for people who just like dark music, dark sounds, electronic dark music... so, I decided to make one.

1.) Everything in this community will be friends locked.  When you make an entry, please log it.
2.) Please remember to TAG your entries with the names of the artists and the names of any soundtracks or compilations you post, ie:
- Artist template: the cure
- Soundtrack template: ost- edward scissorhands
- Compilation template: compilation- dark noize
3.) Before you post something, check the TAGS to see if something you want is already posted.