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Spooky MP3

Sharing dark music

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Sharing gothic/dark/'spooky' music

I have found communities for sharing mp3s, pop music, rock music, industrial music, electronic music, but no active community created for the sole purpose of sharing gothic music. When I go to the various other communities in search of an .mp3 or album, I am frequently left empty-handed because no one has what I am looking for. So, I created this community

  1. You must join to request media or share media. You don't have to share something to request something and you don't have to request something to share something.

  2. Remember the overall theme of this community. No backstreet Boys or Panic! At The Disco! :)

  3. Please, check tags and memories to see if something is already uploaded.

  4. When you put something up, remember to tag it with the band name(s).

  5. Keep long posts behind a cut, please.

  1. Like above, you have to be a member to share or get anything.

  2. Don't be rude. :) If no one has it, no one has it. Of course, we will all try our best!

  3. When you request something, please tag it with the band name(s) that you are looking for

  4. Yes, you can also request music videos. This community is for mp3s and music videos.

  5. View the Tags for what is already uploaded.

  6. Post a request for what you want using the name of the band/song/album.

  7. Or, make a post sharing something of your own.

If you would like to affiliate, please post here.

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